Chex Quest 1 Concepts!

chex1.jpg (456486 bytes)

This image was one of the first illustrations done before we ever started doing anything in Doom, used to demonstrate how we intended a Doom conversion to look like. Note that the first concepts of the flemoids were not green, but more of a yellower snot color. We later changed to bright green both for aesthetic reasons and also due to the Doom palette limitations.

chex2.jpg (456486 bytes)

Here are some concepts of the Chex Warrior. There were actually many other illustrations, but these are all I have with me. Notice some of the early ideas had his head as the entire Chex piece but this drew too many comparisons to the M&M characters.

chex3.jpg (456486 bytes)

Here are some early zorcher concepts. We really wanted to go with ray-gun looking zorchers, but these were seen as looking too much like violent guns. Ralston wanted us to make zorchers that appeared more like remote controls or Star Trek tricorders. On the right side are some of the first weapon sketches I knocked out, back when we weren't going to zorch the flemoids, but instead "neutralize" them with nutritional food. We have a banana slice shooter, a milk gun and a strawberry rocket launcher. But Ralston didn't want to promote food fighting.

chex4.jpg (456486 bytes)

Here are some of the final zorcher sketches before we started making sprites. Most did not change, but you can see that the Zorch Launcher (Propulsor) and Phasing Zorcher originally were going to look more like the other zorchers. I'm glad we took one more iteration on them, as I don't like the look of these ones.