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Greetings fellow gamers!
Here are some of the custom maps I have made for the games I love to play.
Grab 'em and have fun!

It took 10 years, but here it is! Chex Quest 3! This is a stand-alone game built with the ZDoom source port. This game includes all three Chex Quests!

Download it (version 1.4)

The battle for Chucktropolis has come to C&C: Generals! This map is good 2 vs 2 or 4 players free for all.

Download it

Battle over the great city on the Volga! This map is good for 2 to 4 players.

Download it

Fight over Chucktropolis in this 2 vs 2 map!

Download it (4)Chucktropolis.w3m

Get to the top of the mountain in the middle to buy dragons to destroy your enemies with.

Download it (5)BronzeSummit.w3m

If you can somehow kill Sauron without cheats, you must be the greatest Warcraft player of all time.

Download it (6)MountDoom.w3m

It's the Ghetto! This is my Quake 3 version of the popular JCDGhetto map from Duke Nukem 3D.

Download it q3ghetto.pk3

Play Starcraft in Chucktropolis! Use map settings for a great 2 vs 2 game.

Download it (4)Chucktropolis.scm

The more the merrier! Use map settings for a great 4 vs 4 game in Chucktropolis.

Download it (8)Greater Chucktropolis.scm

It's a Big Ass Space Map. 'Nuf said.

Download it (8)BigAssSpaceMap.scm

This is a decent map for 8 players... and yes Isaac, I remembered the gas fake id!

Download it (8)Don't Forget The Gas.scm

It's a race to dominate the top of the volcano, where all the goodies are.

Download it (5)Mount Doom.scm